Saturday, November 24, 2007

shopping. with kids. fun.

I have a shopping strategy with my children. I threaten them at the beginning of the trip that if they are naughty, then we will go somewhere extra. Somewhere horrible. Like the fabric store. And if the fabric store is on our list of things to do, I'll promise them that I'll browse and take my time.

Sometimes, when we're feeling fun, I'll beg them to be naughty so I can look around. "Please, please, knock over that rack of thread. Please, meddle. Come on, you guys, do something naughty!" They're so funny, because they'll act all conspiratory (is that even a word?) and whisper to each other to be good. And use their museum hands.

I figure that the reason why they're acting so naughty is that they don't want to be wherever we are, purchasing whatever we are purchasing. So when they were little, I'd threaten to take them outside. But the only person that punished was me. They got to leave and I didn't get my errands done. Misery all around.

So today, when the little one was naughty in Michael's, I told them that now we had to go to Hobby Lobby. And if they were naughty at Hobby Lobby, I'd go to the fabric store. And then grocery shopping. So, bonus, I got the things I needed at Hobby Lobby, and they acted like perfect angels, even in the longest line ever. Not kidding.

Smartest parenting thing I've ever done. Except that I didn't get my grocery shopping done.


Karen said...

You. are. a. GENIUS!

Anonymous said...

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Melitsa said...

so funny ( still laughing hard now)