Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The witches

I had a substitute teacher the other day, and I asked her to read a chapter "The Witches," as it's what I've been reading to my students.  Thought nothing of it.

About three days later, completely off topic (I'm pretty sure it was during math, because that's the way this little guy rolls), one of my kids says, "I didn't like it when the substitute read the witches.  She didn't do the voices."  Do you like it when I do the voices, I asked him.  Yes, he said, it's so much better that way.

I told him that the only reason why I did the voices was because I could still hear my mother's voice reading me that book.  And I always will.  I bet my sisters hear her voice that she did, too, especially when she would say "dogs drrrroppings!"

"Mrs. Fortenberry, are you crying?  Why are your eyes all watery?"

Ugh, yes, little one.  I'm the teacher who does the voices in the books and then cries at the end.  And when I have a sweet memory of when I was nine.

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Jennifer Blake said...

That's exactly why I do voices when I read to your niece and nephew. I still remember Mom reading to us and have very fond memories of it!