Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mom blogger vs mommy blogger

I read an article recently about the lack of people blogging about parenting children that aren't toddlers or new babies.  The bloggers whose kids no longer call them "mommy."

I have lots of thoughts about why, possibly these people are too busy at baseball tournaments, camping with their Boy Scouts, or too busy being annoyed with their children for not washing their dishes.  They just aren't cute any more and their issues are bigger and messier.

It's been years since I've hung out with a crowd where it's socially acceptable to tell your birth story or talk about your child's bowels or even getting those picky eaters to eat.  I'm in a phase where we talk about how often we check our child's text messages, how to keep enough groceries in the house and "holy crap, that kid's voice in changing!"

Do we still need support and need to hear that our issues are completely normal?  YES.  Do we need friends, virtual and real, that help us with advice for SAT's and class rankings and how to get our kids in college and out of our houses?  YES.  

Eventually, we will be blogging about adult diapers and those darn kids that won't get off our lawns.  Eventually.  For now, I just wish my kid would wash her dish that's been sitting in the sink since yesterday.