Friday, September 28, 2012

I blame the feminists

I've had a lot of time to think recently.  Not because I've been in jail or anything, though some days it feels like it, but because I've spent a lot of time baking and cooking whole, real food for my family.

Real food?  Yes, bread from scratch, marinara sauce, cookies.  Calzones, taquitos, canneloni.  I even figured out how to make beans that didn't come from a can. 

What I discovered is that this food takes a long time.  Some days I spend all day creating food for my family.  It started as a budget thing, as a health thing and as a challenge to myself.  Look, Sara, if you don't have a job, you may as well be doing something to contribute.  Like cooking quality food and saving money on groceries.  You know what's cheaper than a veggie burger from a restaurant?  A veggie burger that you make from the beans that you cooked.  All those recipes on Pinterest?  They are actually more than just a pretty face, people, they're pretty amazing, if you actually make them.

Anyhow.  Real food takes a long time.  Sometimes the whole day my kids are at school is spent cooking and freezing and baking and making.  So I started thinking that if I were to get a job, this would totally be the last thing that I would do.  My days get crazy after school lets out, and I can only imagine what they would look like if I couldn't spend the school day cooking and cleaning and getting laundry done and catching up with the Real Housewives.

No, if I were to get a job and we were to become a dual income family, some of my salary would then go to eating out and buying bread and cookies and taquitos from Costco.  What would be sacrificied in order to make two jobs and three kids work?  Time.  Where am I going to get that time?  Sleep and cooking.  Probably cleaning, too, but let's be honest, I won't be sad about that at all.

Here's where I blame the feminists.  They demanded equal rights.  Women got jobs.  Great.  Women discovered that working and raising a family sucked and that they simply ran out of time every day, no matter how much their husband promised he would help. 

Families now have more money than time.  Corporations responded.  TV dinners!  Uncrustables!  Pre-sliced apples!  Fast food! Guess what?  These corporations are in it to make money.  They will make things as cheaply as they can, and as long as people are buying them, they will keep making them.  Seventeen flavors of Doritos?  Great.  Wouldn't be on the shelves if people wouldn't buy them.  This food is made with the cheapest of ingredients, most of which are created in a chemist's lab, not from the earth.

People are more concerned about convenience than they are about serving their families real food. 

People are getting sick.  People are getting fat.  People are continuing to eat garbage and wonder why they spend all the rest of their money on medication for blood pressure and cholesterol and God forbid, cancer treatments.  They are taking sick days to go the doctor's office to figure out why they have headaches and are tired all the time.  Diabetes.  It's all there, and it didn't used to be so bad.

Women, it used to be our job to feed our families.  We are getting generations into this now where the knowledge isn't passed on anymore and we don't know how to cook and we don't know how to do this eating thing without thinking that cool whip is a totally reasonable ingredient in homemade food.

Feminism gave us money, choices and opportunity.  But it has taken away from us something that we cannot measure.  We have stopped caring for our families by giving them food to nourish them so that we can all be the best we can be.  This is an unintended disasterous consequence.


Bunny said...

I'm with you! Love this post - it's sad, but true. I never skimp on sleep (makes me too crazy), but I will serve frozen pizza for dinner to save time.

Daisy al'Ahmad said...

I agree 100%! I am all about "equal rights for women", but who says a strong, equal woman can't stay home and be an awesome wife and mother? Keeping my house and family well fed and taken care of is something I love doing. Women's rights shouldn't mean I go to work, it should mean I get respect for the job I do at home!