Friday, February 10, 2012

Just the title, that's all I really needed.

I read this post about a week ago, and all I really need to do is read the title. Again. And then remember it. And again.

It really was one of those hand-smacking-forehead moments. I have a really lovely kitchen, honestly. I complain about counterspace though - it's not laid out in the most ideal, wanna cook for a big dinner party sorts of ways. BUT. I wasn't helping myself with three of the five chopped up counter spaces being covered in some sort of crap of some kind. Papers, food, dirty dishes, random toys that had been there for six months. And more papers.

So, now that counter space is being viewed as work space, not storage, I find myself disliking my kitchen less, enjoying cooking in it more. And suddenly, the kitchen table falls in the category of "not storage for the newspaper" and becomes clearer. You get the idea - mess begets mess, clean begets clean.

So, we'll see how long it lasts, but boy, I sure am enjoying four out of five counters being workspace. That last one will take me a little more training...