Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whiffle Balls and Fried Eggs and Mosquito Bites

The other day, Olivia informed me that she wanted a bra.

She is nine and the skinniest thing you've ever seen - she won't need a bra at this rate for another ten years.

We discussed and that there was a possibility that when she was ten that we would purchase said item. She says, "Oh, wait, you've gotta see this!" and runs upstairs. She comes back down with two whiffle ball halves in her shirt and says, "Maybe when I get a bra I'll put these in there!"


green.barn said...

That's all I had until my first pregnancy - guess where I got stretchmarks!

Tamara Staton said...

awesome! LOVE that. I'm confident that her experience at 10, bra and all, will be MUCH happier than mine was at that age!