Monday, December 20, 2010

My, how time flies.

When I first started blogging, these were the people that I was blogging about. I had a four year old, a six year old and an eight year old. It was preschool and elementary school and all of it was new. It was cub scouts and Kindergarten and potty training (still).
These are those people now. I don't blog as much, I feel like all the stories are still the same. Now it is elementary school and middle school. I will soon have an eight year old, and nine and a half year old and a twelve year old. Teenage years are right around the corner (they already smell bad and roll their eyes) It is Boy Scouts and being the Cubmaster for the cub scouts. It is running the Twilight Camp that I used to joke about having so much fun at with eight little boys.

I should know better that to swear I'd never be one of those people who say that you should cherish the moments and that you'd miss those little people. And most days I don't miss the little people because I'm too busy enjoying the big ones. But sometimes, just sometimes, like when I take a picture of those people for a Christmas card, my heart gets caught in my throat a little and I find tears in my eyes.

And I am grateful that I wrote down those daily silly things that we did and that happened to us. I should remember to do that more often. If not for today, for myself in four years when I have all my kids done with elementary school and our daily life is driving and broken hearts and finals and college applications. Because this will feel like just yesterday.