Friday, June 11, 2010

Who won the Alamo again?

Oh, let's not kid ourselves, I'm not even sure who the teams were.

History is not my greatest strength. The remembering of random dates and facts is something that I rarely do, and when I do it, I like for it to be relevant, like "don't forget that baseball is tonight at six" or my anniversary, or "don't send the kids to school today, it's summer." But remembering all those battles and all those people who just couldn't get along? Nevermind.

BUT. I signed up to teach at Twilight Camp this year, you know, that annual cub scout camp? It's Robert's turn to get to go, and I had plenty of help with his group, so off I went to volunteer for something else! In my defense, I originally tried to do something different, like composting or watching paint dry or hammers (!), but there were other ideas for me.

Me and about 400 kids. Learning Texas history. In an hour and a half. Well, them an hour and a half, me about two weeks. There were Native Americans that lived here! And settlers! And longhorns are really just some happy accident! And Six Flags actually has meaning beyond "Spend wads of cash here and still listen to whining all day" -- it's the number of flags that have flown over this large state! And we had to change up the words of our state song when Alaska joined the union and upstaged us! And the mockingbird and the armadillo and the pecan tree and a GIANT STAR (not the one at Jerry's place). It's all rattling around in my brain!

And does anyone know how hard it is to make 50 bingo boards? They have to all be different! That was not in my plans, people!

Oh, you poor, poor seven and eight year olds, you have NO IDEA what's coming your way. May your fourth grade teachers not be able to hunt me down and find me when they have to come and fix all the mistakes I made.


Anonymous said...

All fourth graders should be so lucky to have someone with your enthusiasm and ability to convey a message teaching them!

It makes me want to study my state's history and appreciate the meaning of the events that brought us to where we are today.

Way to go! Have a great time. Your children will be impressed that their mother tackled such a BIG assignment! I AM!

Camp is such a memorable time!!

green.barn said...

Now you've got me curious about the longhorns - a Pinocchio effect?

This had me laughing out loud, a good way to begin the day, but I know you will leave those cub scouts begging for more!