Thursday, June 10, 2010


Painting the floor. Leaving our mark. Before the kids really actually woke up, honestly. But it had to be done, because about ten minutes after the guys got here, they'd covered it all up with plywood!
Raw wood, above. This is old pine, we are told from an old gym in Irving, Texas. Not the floors, but the structure. Remilled to be made into our floor. Below, staining.
After the stain, but before the poly coat. Those are still on my camera. Those poor guys, I tell ya, they put up with a lot of photography. And me trying desperately to find that place in my brain that still speaks Spanish. They were terribly amused by my Spanglish.
So I'm a little slow on the update of the floor, but my goodness that's a dusty business, and I'm STILL trying to put my car in the garage. But mostly the boxes are unpacked and the mess is back to a normal mess.
And already, less than three hours after the dogs arrived back home, I found myself complaining about the quantity of fur that they left behind on my floor! Charlie so kindly pointed out that they were leaving all that fur behind before, we just couldn't see it all. So now I obsessively vacuum and Swiffer and dust mop. But I'm becoming immune. And I bought my very first rug today.


Flooring Products TX said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I live down in Austin - we just bought a house here. I am going crazy trying to decide what floors to put in - I keep coming back to pine. I LOVE your floors and how they turned out with the stain. Where did you get the flooring from and did they install it? Stain it? How are you finding the floor for dents etc? - not concerned just wondering since you mention kids and dogs :)

barb k. :)

#2 said...

I got the floors from a demolition company in Dallas. They are actually from the structure portion of an old gym in Irving. They are milled and sanded, but still have great nail holes and cracks.

The floors have shrunk some since summer and I expect that when it is hot again they will expand. The floors have dented and the dogs have left marks behind. But, because of the way that the floors are and the way I am, I don't care at all.

Hope you found something awesome, since I'm sure you've already decided!