Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crazy Teeth

I may have offended the dentist today. But I'll start from the beginning.

Literally, On the piece of paper that said "reason for visit," I wrote, "Crazy tooth"

I'm sure they were charmed with my technical terminology, but they they saw my kid's mouth and said Oh, I get it now. You see, he has a terrible case of sharktoothitis. He has only ever had one gap in his mouth and had until today lost four teeth. And he has five adult teeth. You do the math. If top teeth usually hang vertically toward the floor when you're standing, this little fella was horizontal. No exaggeration here, friends. This happened with the other front tooth, which eventually fell out, but this one was not going anywhere. At all. Ever.

So to the dentist we went. And they suggested that this was going to happen again with the tooth next to it, so they should pull it too, as that little episode is imminent, and we have summer vacation photo opportunities planned.

To the part where I offended her. Ahem. Yes. They gave the boy a little laughing gas and pulled those two suckers out, one mostly attached and one firmly attached. By a root. That is also attached. And comes out with the tooth. And when she tried to show me the spoils of her venture, I flinched and looked away. And lets be honest, I may have let out a little girlish squeal. Apparently afraid I was going to pass out, she quickly hid it from me and may have commented under her breath, "baby" Or not. I couldn't be sure for the deep breathing I was doing just to stay upright.

Even though I may have offended her with my squeamishness, I'm pretty sure she took one look at that mouth and saw dollar signs, so I bet she'll let us back in. And to make up for my squeamishness, when Robert showed Olivia the teeth as soon as we got home, she inspected it closely and demanded to know if that was the root and if so why it was attached and on and on and on. And she wanted to see the bloody gaps in his mouth. That part of her - not from her mother. At all.


Jennifer said...

You make me laugh!! I'm impressed that he could make it through two teeth pulls with just laughing gas. I'd need to be knocked completely out for that...

You might be squeamish, but you've got tough kids!

Granny said...

Granny agrees with Jennifer!