Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting through the hard to get to the good.

There are parts of parenting that are really, really hard. Really emotional, really draining. They're the moments when you question deep down whether or not you're doing it right and whether or not you're scarring your child for life, even though you're 99% sure you're doing it right, that one percent risk just might not be worth it.

Like following through when you hand out a punishment.
Or sticking your ground during a temper tantrum.
Letting them go to summer camp. Without you.
Like leaving them home alone for the first time, just for a minute or two while you run out.
Like not letting them get away with lying.
Making them eat their vegetables, even when they're gagging (is it fake? real? Probably fake.)
Making them do their homework - or not? Letting them suffer the consequences? Gah!

Every time I make one of these decisions, usually every day, I know that I am making a big one, a big difference in the way that life goes. And every day I have to know when I make a decision that I'm making it for reasons that I KNOW are right and reasons that I can live with if things go wrong. I have to know in my heart that I have my child's best interest at heart, every time I make one of these.

And every time I follow my heart and I suffer through the garbage and the hatred of a kid and once we get to the other side, it's always better. And just a little sunnier. And sometimes they even tell me I was right.

Do you have another big one to add to my list?

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Anonymous said...

Those are the kinds of heart searching tasks that we have to tackle as a parent.

I think it might help to think back at some of the rules your parents used on you. Are there some that maybe you feel still that were a little harsh? Although, I'm sure they, just like you, had only the best of intentions for you.

No matter how old your child is, there is always a thought in the back of your mind, how could I have been a better parent?

It always makes us feel better to hear that even though we made mistakes, we are still loved and appreciated.