Thursday, May 21, 2009

Evolution of the bald spots.

Shortly after I started this blog, I was admiring the three sweet bald spots in the grass under my children's swings. Sadly, the grass is mostly healthy and thick under their swings these days, save a little under the middle one.

The bald patches have moved. The two biggest ones are at home plate and the pitcher's mound, where much time is spent by Sarge and the littlest one playing baseball for hours every day. There are smaller bald patches in the yard around first, second and third bases for when the family baseball games are played.

And as much as I wish we had one of those golf course fabulous green grass backyards, I think I'll be sad one day when I do have it. I'll long for the bare patches in my backyard and the noise and laughter and fun that go along with it. Even now, under the swings, the thick beautiful grass makes me a little bit sad.

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Just wandered in by following links. I really liked this post.