Sunday, April 26, 2009


Tell me I'm not alone here. Could it really BE any grosser?


AZ Sister said...

I'm gagging all the way here in AZ. YUCK! I'm hoping that this is in the kids bathroom and that Grandma hasn't already made a mess ;)

Not looking forward to using toothpaste on the baby's teeth if this is what I have to look forward too...

CA Sister said...

OK... now you're creating a phobia in me, too!

Do you remember the Ramona book where she squeezes out the entire tube of toothpaste, and then has to use it out of a jar, when Beezus gets to use the new tube?

I'm thinking about this a lot these days...

#2 said...

What, you're worried that your youngest might do the Ramona?

And, yeah, toothpaste is so fun. Another thing due for a redesign. You have some time, AZ, before toothpaste gets like that.

And, for the record, that's what it looked like before I cleaned the bathrooms so that Grandma wouldn't know how gross we are. Guess now she knows, huh?

BananaBlueberry said...

I live with 2 males-
my husband and my son (5) and I am constantly
SHOCKED by how dirty they leave THE SINK-
how do they do it?

I'm with you! :)