Friday, April 17, 2009

A day in the life

If you saw me in the last two weeks and it looked like I hadn't combed my hair or looked at my face, it's because I hadn't. There were noisy critters living inside my house above my bathroom and it was all I could do to get a shower and get out of there before I started screaming like a little girl and dancing like I had ants in my pants.

I love my dogs more than I love my dinner plates, which is a lot, and which is evidenced by the fact that both dogs are still alive even though when I came in from helping eradicate the giant bird's nest from my dryer vent there was a broken plate on the floor and not one speck of chicken anywhere around it and all the 342 pieces it was shattered into.

And it was birds living above my bathroom. I think I might like them less than mice, but maybe not. We'll see who's harder to permanently get rid of.

And thank goodness for the ten year old who came up with the idea for the rigged ten foot pole that we created to eradicate said bird's nest with two pieces of wood, a hanger and half a roll of painters tape. If only we could have found the duct tape...

And pre-view Marley and Me before you sit down with your children to watch it. Because you need to be prepared to answer questions about the entire cycle of life. Let's just say frisky adults, three babies, one nicknamed 'whoops' and a dead dog. It's ripe with questions from children aged 6-10. I'm just sayin'.

My dog has lived with us for almost a month, and he looked at me curiously when I was unloading the dishwasher, like he's never seen me do such a thing before. Weird.

I'd like to thank all my friends and family for being so sweet about me losing weight. And for biting their tongues for all those years when I was gaining it and not saying, "so, hibernation this winter?" or "worried about the food supply going away?" or "eating for two still?" Ahem. You know you wanted to.


AZ Sister said...

At least they weren't rats in the attic like at my house...ugh....

Or there was that house I lived in after college with the possum in the crawl space that sneezed like a human (absolutely convincing me that I had a peeping tom beneath my shower!)...gah!

Now I just need to follow suit and get in shape. I can't be the flabby, dumpy middle sister...

CA Sister said...

Oh, my goodness! Love to you BOTH, no matter what size anyone might be.

And, I don't like birds INSIDE, either. Out in the sky - YES - inside - definitely NO! Nor indoor bats. Ahem.

Read Marley and Me after our dear own "Marley" passed on... desperately loved the book and the fact that you could love and abhor a dog at the same time. Still do.

And, kudos to your oldest for his MacGyver moves. CA Uncle is SOOOOO proud!

BTW... are you still planning to cream me with push-ups? At the rate I hear you're going, you'll be a sure thing!

MS Granny said...

It seems like the fun movie I thought I was giving to entertain was more educational instead. Maybe too much so!

Here's to better screening for the next one!!

You and Sarge looked so fit and trim at Easter. So proud of you. Especially you, it really takes dedication to your goal to resist all the yummy stuff!

Although you have always been so attractive to us all, now you feel that yourself.

Can't believe how the children are becoming so much more independent. May blessings continue to follow each of you daily.

#2 said...

Oh, y'all are just so sweet. Stop! People might think we all like each other! Yikes!

And yes, I'm going to kick your butt in pushups. I'm currently at 25, but planning to get to 30 or so by summer. But you'll be in the thick of the swimming season by then, so you'll be harder to beat...

And don't get me wrong Granny, we loved the movie. I'm just glad I watched the rest of it with them so that I knew what I was in for!

CA Sister said...

Ummmm... 25 IN A ROW? or all together in an entire day?!?