Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bad habits my new dog will break me of

Leaving socks on the floor.

Leaving anything else on the floor.

Leaving shoes outside.

Not cleaning the muddy dogprints off the patio table.

Saying, "I'll just take the dog for a walk tomorrow."

Eating on the couch.

Eating anywhere except the kitchen table.

Wearing clothes with dangly strings.

Sitting down. Ever.

1 comment:

ca sister said...

Zany dogs give us more stories to tell... longer lists of "strange items consumed"... more aggravation... more reminders of their presence! Training is SO worth it, even though it's hard work (even if it's not done well!).

And when your sweet doggie is gone, you'll slowly pick up your old habits again. And you'll miss those crazy antics just a little.