Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The youngest child cried tonight. He cried as he said that he was "just so dumb." And then I cried, too.

I told him that he shouldn't lie to mommy like that and tell things that aren't true. And then I went downstairs and we all discussed the impact of name calling. Because he had started to believe the names that they call each other. And that's not okay with me.

It's a habit that they get into now and again, and sometimes it gets to be just too much. And this time? Too much.

Some of their favorite TV shows involve a fair amount of name calling (Spongebob, I'm looking at YOU). And so, the TV shows are no longer allowed until they can get a handle on the name calling. And other consequenses.

But, oh, woe is ME that the electronic babysitter will not be so entertaining. And oh, woe that I will have to listen to all the tattling that will inevitably come out of this. But there is no woe that is worth my baby thinking that he isn't a smart boy.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I have been there too.

When my son told me he was the dumbest, worst boy in the whole world.

I cried too.

And then, just like you, I stopped letting him watch a couple of shows.

I think it really helped.

#2 said...

I'm hoping it helps. Thanks for the encouragement!

ca sister said...

We like NOVA and Nature. Until the gorilla dies.

Keeps the name calling down. May increase the psychotherapy bills later in life.

Truly, though, it's great. We can all learn something. Last NOVA was about Pocahontas - the real one, NOT the Disney Princess (now my littlest knows that).