Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Assorted Randomness

The youngest one has been having a recurring nightmare lately. He describes the creature and all I want to do is start giggling, because he's describing the creature to the left, almost to the letter. Points to who knows what movie it's from and what it's called. And if my sisters don't get this one, I'll freak out, because we watched this movie hundreds of times as teenagers. It keeps him up at night, but makes me want to laugh. Is that bad?
And I think it might have to do with the rabbit/mouse that I saw running through our front shrubbery that's got him worried. Remember, he's the one who's been afraid of the bunny rabbit who was living in my vegetable garden.
Speaking of which, that rabbit better watch out, I'm not going to be as nice this year as I was last. Take note, rabbit.
And I invited my oldest child to punch me in the stomach tonight (because I have rock hard abs, duh). After he obliges, he states, "You know, Mom, that's how Harry Houdini died. He asked someone to punch him in the stomach, but didn't have a chance to tighten up first." I didn't bother looking it up. I'm sure he's right. That's just the kind of thing he remembers. I hope it serves him well one day, and not just for playing Trivial Pursuit with my cousins.


ca sister said...


Has your youngest ever seen a capybara? That'll freak him out.

AZ Sister said...


Do you guys remember my killer lobster (Claws!) dreams when we lived in MA?

#2 said...

No, and I think I'll keep him away from a capybara. The only one he's seen was on Diego a million years ago. Before his unnatural fear of small furry field animals.

And yes, the killer lobster dreams. I remember hearing about them.

And points to both of you!

ca sister said...

I remember the killer lobster dreams. And, I can still see our dear uncle making his arms grab like claws, chasing us and growling "CLAWS!"

It was hilarious, and apparently terrifying at the same time!

The lobsters "screaming" when they hit the boiling water didn't help either, I'm sure.