Saturday, February 14, 2009


My biggest boy is ten today. Just typing that sentence really kindof makes me want to cry. But. Ahem. This is about him, not me.

Tonight, he's having his favorite friends over to spend the night. There are five of them in my living room right now. And here's the thing. There was no elaborate party required.

These boys have spent the afternoon and evening playing a board game, having all out war with the nerf guns and other artillery in the house, jumping on the beds and eating boy-made pizzas, ice cream sundaes and trail mix. They are now watching Star Wars. They have plans to watch all six, but I'm pretty sure we'll start losing them to exhaustion around the second movie. Which is fine.

What is missing? Nothing. They haven't requested a fancy media room or surround sound. They haven't requested soda. They haven't needed any extra entertainment or magicians or shows or clowns. They are just together, with their imaginations and a little supervision. That's it.

It helps that they are great kids, but honestly, they don't need much more than that. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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ca sister said...

I hope you all survived and loved it. Thinking of him turning 10 made me want to return to the Aquarium where I nursed his cousin as I got the call - It's a Boy!

Happy decade to you all. May the next one be just as wonderful!