Monday, February 23, 2009

Adventures in having sons.

I cleaned the bathrooms today, which is an even in and of itself, but when I walked into bathroom #3, which is the kids' bathroom, I was pretty excited. I thought, I think the toothpaste on the counter is grosser than the toilet. This could be easy!

Although my toothpaste issues are well documented, this one did take the cake. The toothpaste tube itself was covered in toothpaste (and with as cheap as I am, you have to know it was disgusting, because though half full, I threw it away), and there was toothpaste splatter clear to the top of the mirror, and all over one sink, which documents their issue with one of the sinks, no one will use it, weird.

So, gross toothpaste. Check. I made it.

Then the toilet, which at first glance, was in pretty good shape. Until I remembered that I have two sons, the younger of which has decided that it's time to stand up to pee, which isn't a big deal to me, if he'd just lift the seat (!) but whatever, for another day. I have sons, I should probably look around the toilet. All around. And in the awful crevices that some brain surgeon puts all over the base of the toilet. And in the ground. And on the tile. And ON THE WALLS.

And it totally beat the toothpaste, even with my issues.

And when I was done, I decided that the kids are old enough to clean their own bathroom.


ca sister said...

I am, in a word, LMAO!!!

I am your sister in this pain, no doubt.

It's the middle-of-the-night, not-really-awake, is-that-the-toilet,-the-sink,-or-the-wall problem. That and just not caring too much about accuracy. Argh.

I'm surprised the girls don't complain. A daily wipe-down is required in our house. Preferably by aforementioned son.

Yes, they really CAN clean the bathroom. Some (green.barn!) think it'll encourage them to "aim" better. Yeah, right. I'm still waiting... and he's still wiping!

BananaBlueberry said...

I have 1 son and that's it-
but that makes me outnumbered-
between my husband and my 5 year old-
you'd think a ton of guys live in my house :)