Monday, January 5, 2009

Seven Frivolous Things I Love

Because any other list would have to be all sappy and stuff with my wonderful husband and children, and I'd probably make someone mad because someone else was higher up on the list than the other (which reminds me, the oldest child asked the other day if it was really, really true that parents didn't pick favorites - he asked only at a moment when I was the least exasperated with him, coincidentally)

1. Dr Pepper. Who's list is this not first on?
2. Fancy fringe with beads AND tassles, because one OR the other simply isn't enough.
3. My iphone. My gosh how did I live without it two weeks ago and all the rest of my life???
4. Deal or No Deal. There is no other show in the world that has caused me to be late to pick up my children from school.
5. A fire in the fireplace. And not only because it means the children aren't home. It's just magical.
6. My haircut. Mostly because it's about darn time I have an adorable haircut.
7. My painted rooms. I just keep walking into them and staring with my mouth open and drool hanging out. They just make me so happy.

So there. Seven things that I can absolutely live without, but I just don't wanna.

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