Saturday, January 10, 2009

Paying it forward.

There I was, three children. The airplane was decending and two of them fell asleep. The baby and the middle one. The oldest was just over four years old. I had to make it down the aisle of the plane and the jetbridge until they gave me my stroller back. I had enough stuff to keep three children clean, un-smelly, fed and occupied for four hours. That means I had enough luggage for a normal adult for a month.

Two children were asleep - that was at least fifty pounds. I had at least three bags and a four year old who was unwilling to go far without a hand held. I needed help, plain and simple. The state of humankind? This was the moment where I was going to find out.

And find out I did. I sat. I watched people get off the plane. I was going to wait. I had no idea what I was waiting for, but I knew I couldn't do much of anything at that moment.

While I sat, I had no less than five offers of help. Young men, business men, grandmothers, business women. So many people offered to help. Being the independent soul that I was, I refused at first, then realized that my daughter was not going to wake up, and there was no way I could carry them all, so I relented. A couple, probably on vacation, helped - one carrying a child, the other carrying all my bags. I had a baby and a hand to hold, that was it.

I cried. I was so grateful to them, and to all those who offered. I vowed to myself that when I had the opportunity, that I would do the same for some other overwhelmed mother of young children traveling. So Monday? If you're traveling, I'm ready. I'll be the one with the ipod, the trashy magazine and the giant smile. I'll help you. You just have to be ready to accept the help.

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Mississippi Family said...

Heart- warming expression of gratitude.

I can just picture that awed young mother you may get the opportunity to grow her faith with a lesson of serving one another.

How wonderful it is to share a smile and a helping hand to another.

Have a great visit in California!

Warm thoughts to all!