Sunday, January 25, 2009

Note To Self

Remember that the children put a fake mouse in the pantry. Somewhere. Please, please, please remember that it's fake.

Thanks, self.

P.S. I bought the children a little prank kit. Fake boogers, a fart whistle, funny glasses. The whole bit. Clearly there was also a fake mouse in there. And the roach I found in my water glass. I'm not sure I would have bought it if I'd a known that I was going to be the victim.

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ca sister said...


Reap what you sow.

Your little pranksters' cousins got their mom (me) with a fake plastic centipede. Like the ones you'd fine in Hawaii. BIG. When my middle one put it in my underwear drawer and I found it early in the morning, it was a bit of a *shock*. She liked that. Turns out I like them LESS than bats at 3am.

It was in her pajama drawer later that day...