Monday, December 15, 2008

Seriously? (Warning: PG-8 or 9)

I vividly recall walking through Hobby Lobby about four and a half years ago and the middle child asking me if the Easter Bunny was real. Because I won't ever lie to my children, I told her no. She promptly told her brother. She then asked if the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus were real. I delivered the bad news. She shared with her brother.

They both forgot this conversation when Christmas arrived, up until about three years ago, when the oldest figured it out. AGAIN. And I told him that now he was part of the grownups, getting to play Santa for the younger kids.

Well, now? They all act like they believe again. The youngest has no clue, the middle one is determined to believe and the oldest one acts like it's actually possible for Santa to come to that many houses all over the world in one night. I blame the Polar Express and all those darn bells they keep ringing.

Because, darnit, I want credit for all this shopping I've been doing. I've been in the toy store more often in the last two weeks than I've been in it all year, and boy, do I ever remember why.

GTG, I need to move the elf on a shelf.


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Which is EXACTLY why we did two Christmases....Christmas Eve was when we exchanged what we all got for each other and the piles were big. Christmas Day was when Santa's stuff arrived. He always got them the ONE gift they asked for (they only ever asked for one gift even when mall-Santa tried to get them to ask for more) and a couple of other small things that were surprises.

Now that they are "old enough to be grownups," we don't separate and do it like that. Now we just open them on the most convenient day. :)

ca sister said...

Don't you remember Mom and Dad giving us our fun presents as being from "Santa" even when we were in our teens and knew better. We always knew that if it was from "Santa" that the gift would be a treat, rather than a necessity. It was a sweet way to honor the intent of Santa.

That's really what we do here... the most frivolous or out-of-the-ordinary gifts come from the big guy in red... and there aren't ever too many of those!