Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New and Improved!

I have spent the last week or so changing my whole house around. Which, I really didn't have time for, but I really didn't NOT have time for, because it made my whole life so much better. SO MUCH BETTER.

I had finally convinced Sarge to let me have the play room. It was only a toy storage location and a place for the kids to make a giant mess in, then complain bitterly when it was time to clean it up, and so on and so on. So I took it.

We changed what was my sewing room, which is the first room you see in my house, into a sitting room. It is full of books and games, along with two chairs and a lamp. And for the last week, magic has happened there.

Magic like this:

And this:

And even this:

We are so excited that we are taking over the computer/treadmill/assorted junk room and turning it into a room with a table and chairs and a buffet. Some people might call that a dining room, but we're filling the buffet with games and puzzles, and we'll fill the table with fun. Sometimes dinner, but not too often.

Same space, very little money spent (so far!), and life is so much better. I love my new sewing space and don't have to look at it when I don't want to, and don't have to be overwhelmed by it as soon as I walk in the door. But when I walk into the space now, I mean business, and boy do I get a lot done. Phwew!


ca sister said...

You are a star! THAT kind of magic has no price tag. And yet so many would give so much for it.

Blessings to all five berries (and one dog)!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Everyone looks so peaceful and contented. That's a perfect life.

Tammy T said...

Magic like this is why we are mothers... what a good job you did - thanks for the link to your blog - love it! :)