Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Twilight Zone -or- How I Thought My Car Was Going To Explode

Sarge went one quiet evening to take the boys to an event, while I was to take the girl child. He went to his truck. It wouldn't start. Weird, but whatever. The oldest child came in to get me, explaining that Daddy needed my help.

So I went to start my car. It wouldn't start either. Only weird because it happened on the same day as Sarge, but kind of par for the course for my sweet and adorable "experienced" minivan.

So we're left with two cars, neither of which work. I do what any girl would do. I call my Daddy. Well, first I had to call my sister, because I didn't have Daddy's work number, but while I was doing that, I ran to my neighbor's house and bugged her to let us use her car to jump start ours. And then I called my Daddy.

Meanwhile, Sarge jiggled a wire or two in his truck and while I was on the phone with my father, his truck miraculously started. Phwew. Never mind, sweet and generous neighbor - just wait another day, and I'm sure I'll need another favor.

So he went on his merry way to his event to go to with the boys, while I was able to walk to mine with our daughter. Settled, for now.

Fast forward a couple of hours, sun sets. We try again, thinking that we've both got to be somewhere tomorrow, and there's no way we're all getting up in the middle of the night to take Sarge to work. And by the middle of the night, I mean six in the morning. It won't start, so we start removing the battery.

My magical father calls again, I lament and whine, he asks a hundred and fifty questions. We reconnect the battery, as he tells me it can't be that dead, don't be ridiculous. But then comes the part where I thought my car was going to explode. I turned on the headlights, just to make sure it's the battery and not the starter. They came on, though dim. I turned them off. Well, I tried, but the lights stayed on. I start panicking now.

I was unable to turn the lights off. Until I could, but then, they were flashing dimly. My poor father was trying desperately to understand what my babbling freaking out gibberish meant and was just trying to solve the stupid problem and get home from work already.

"the switch, it's off, but my lights, they're on. Ahh, I can't turn them off, it just won't work, do I need to get out of the car? Is it trying to tell me to get out NOW? Is it possessed? Should I roll it into the river?" And in my head, I'm deciding which dealership I'm headed to the next day to buy my new Suburban.

But then we reconnected the jumper cables and the thing started right up. I considered leaving it running, unlocked over night and hoping for the best, but alas, I decided to be practical and that my Suburban would have to wait.

And my father? He has a few new gray hairs, and I'm pretty sure he's avoiding my calls for the next little while, just until his heart rhythm goes back to normal. And Sarge's truck? He has to jiggle the wires every time he wants to go somewhere. And to think, that's our reliable vehicle.


ca sister said...

Maybe the mice moved into the engine block of your car! Are wires more yummy that mousetrap bait?

#2 said...

Don't think for even a minute that I wasn't convinced that the mouse's mama was coming back to get me.