Saturday, November 1, 2008


There is still a mouse in my garage. Whether it is the one that we put in the trash can or his friend, I don't know. All I know is that the mouse is smarter than me, and all of my feelings of kindness and mercy are going out the window.

We cleaned the garage on Friday, as the mouse droppings were multiplying and the sonic noisemakers weren't effective. So we got to cleaning up. We uncovered the mouse. He ran. And hid. We uncovered him. He ran. And hid again. I was entirely useless, as my husband ran around the garage with a shovel in one hand moving things and shaking things. I'm sure it would have been funny to see, but I couldn't see much with my hand over my eyes while I was screaming.

We gave up after the garage was clean, but he was hiding in a stack of wood that I have for making cornice boards. Mercy? Going out the window. We set the mouse traps. Four of them. Peanut butter with a bran flake topping.

Not two hours later, I made Sarge go check the traps. All four were still set, but licked clean.

Mercy? Gone.

We reset the traps. More peanut butter, squished in the nooks and crannies with a bran flake topping. Replaced them.

This morning? We can only find three clean traps. I have to assume he took the fourth as a trophy to his pile of friends living in my garage.

I'm going to come after him with a shovel myself if this keeps up.


ca sister said...

After having a rat (and friends) under the house, the pest control guy we had go under there and look said it was a good thing we didn't have mice. Mice are much smarter than rats.


Dana said...

Coincidentally, we have two mice in our garage, too. My husband set two traps with peanut butter last night, and this morning, the PB is licked clean and no mice! Ugh!

Green Tractor said...

You want to really wedge the bait material under/in the trigger plate so that the mouse needs to work at it a bit (so that the trigger plate will move).

I like to use something hard (Cherrio or a peanut etc.) that can be wedged in.

Anonymous said...

Well, let me weigh in here. Living in the country near fields and bushes has made for several experiences with mice(rats).

You know they say a mouse loves CHEESE. That's right. You can catch them every time with a small hunk of cheese wedged up in there tight.

They really are annoying little creatures!

Actually, cats are the best defense, but you don't have to feed and care for cheese.

az sister said...

Gestating complete and beautiful 4 day old baby quietly sleeping, I've come back out of hiding! We cleaned out the garage a few weeks ago and found lots of mouse poop, but no mouse, no nest, nothing...I'm hoping that it just got too hot in the garage this summer and he moved out. I really want Green Tractor to post on his blog the story that mom used to tell us about the mouse in the bathroom just after he and Green Barn got married. I'd love to hear the story from his perspective :)