Friday, November 7, 2008

Sarge:2; Mouse:17

Except that Sarge's are the only two who count. Because he means business. I've avoided the garage today, except for tiptoeing through it to get to my car on the other side one time. Only once? Yes, because the car is now parked out front (the garage is in the back, don't ask, it's a Texas thing and you DON'T want to get me started on that, I promise).

But when Sarge came home from work tonight, he came in with the good news, "Hey, the mouse got lazy (or so fat that he could barely crawl because he'd eaten so much in the last few days) and he's in the trap! What's for dinner?"

So yes, two mice. I wonder if there's any more. I'm not taking any chances. The car's staying in the front, and I'm making the kids go in the garage for me.

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