Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Growing up

The oldest child rode his bike to school today. He had a responsibility at school where he had to be there about twenty minutes earlier than we normally get there. We've known about it and have been planning for it for a month or so. This will happen every day this month.

When I got to the school with the younger two, I saw him right away. He was standing at the curb in his reflective vest opening doors and helping kids out of the cars. He was smiling. He never smiles before 8AM.

After I said goodbye to the younger children, I sidled up to him. He couldn't help it - he was grinning. He said, "I want to do that every morning, not just on the mornings that I have safety patrol. Please?"

It was a little bit of independence. Enough for him. Enough for me. Baby steps. It makes me so happy. Almost as happy as it made him.

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