Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ask the berry

So my sister complained. But I've got nothing, except how immensely tired I am of football, how I have more than five hundred pictures on my camera of our PTA fundraiser, and there's still one more day to go, and how I actually feel like I have a hand in teaching my five year old to read, unlike his brother and sister who taught themselves.

So, the bar is open. I'll answer (almost) any burning question you might have. And no fair calling me. Ask in the comments.


ca sister said...

Seriously... no one has "asked the berry" yet? What about the *other* sister who wants to know?!?

OK. I'll give it a go.

How did you get into the sewing/draperies business? What do you love the most about it?

If you could go anywhere on vacation (with or without kids... you choose), where would you go, what would you do, etc (if cost weren't an issue!)?

One more thing. Thanks for the long-ago blog about what happens if the tooth fairy doesn't come when she's supposed to. Found myself rowing that boat this morning!

Anonymous said...

You rock! Always helping out at school and PTA. You're like supermom. And them kids of yours are smart little puppies. How'd you get em that way? I read once that a pattern of super smart kids is that they were read to, sung to, and talked to while still in the womb. Maybe that's your secret? I dunno, just something about sitting with a guitar and singing Kumbayah to a person's tummy doesn't seem right:)

Green Tractor said...

Any idea about what you'd like to do as a profession if you couldn't be a wife & mother?

Any ideas/plans/goals when #3 is off to college?

Green Tractor said...

I've wondered why you didn't get a teaching credential after college. Teaching is certainly a rewarding (and valuable to the community) career. Teachers are usually in demand so a job is available in most places. Pay is OK.

How did it happen that computers never really caught on with you? You certainly were exposed to them earlier than most of your peers. I sure hope it wasn't your experience with NULL pointers in pascal. I guess I always expected that there would be at least one computer nerd among you three.