Thursday, September 11, 2008

So THAT'S what they'll remember

When we went to Arkansas and Oklahoma a few years back, the two things that the kids remembered were the pool at the hotel in Oklahoma City and sleeping in the car when the tent started leaking because it was raining so hard in Arkansas. Never mind the adventures we had - mining for diamonds, seeing a bear, hiking, gorgeous views, museums and the zoo. Culture, gosh darnit, and all you people remember is the hotel pool and sleeping in the car? Definitely one of my prouder parenting moments.

So fast forward a few years, and I'm hoping that we can really make an impression and get our children to remember the national parks and wildlife that we see and all that Culture! Ahem. Apparently not.

We're in the car (obviously) and my daughter says to me, "Someday soon, I think that we should go back to Tennessee."

I was so excited! We made an impression! Culture! Fabulosity! Pat self on back! WaHoo!

"I want to go back to Ripley's mini golf and see the mouse who says, 'where's my cheese?'"

Oh. So that's what you remembered. Now I know. I'm thinking that we could probably not even leave the city and have a vacation of a lifetime with this kind of audience.

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