Friday, September 12, 2008

More food issues

Issues? Maybe just a little whining.

My best eater has suddenly become the world's pickiest eater. She would eat anything - she was so adventurous and would try it all and loved some pretty unusual things.

But now? I asked her this morning to name four foods that she likes. She had a very difficult time. She came up with rice, alfredo pizza (then tried to come up with 'cold pizza' but vetoed that one as a third food), then finally decided on black beans and olives.

Oh, and ice cream. So at least she's not a complete freak.

I'm mourning my child who used to request a tortilla wrap with spinach, grated cheese and italian dressing. I'm mourning the child who would eat grilled chicken. And peanut butter and jelly. And fruit. And vegetables. And chips. And yogurt. WHERE HAS SHE GONE AND HOW DO I FEED THIS NEW CREATURE???

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