Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I did something this afternoon that I thought was not possible.

It was something I'd never done before, nor had I ever been taught.

It took courage.

I was sure that I'd do something wrong and cause major damage or bodily harm to me or my children.

Wanna know what it was?


I know, I know, I can't believe it either. And it didn't even fall off when I was driving down the road!

I got ready to leave this evening to go to a fun event with the children. My neighbor's mowing man flagged me down as I was backing up out of the driveway. I thought, "oh, Dear Lord, please don't ask me if I need yard service. And please don't yell at me, because I know I was close to you, but I totally saw you there. I was not going to run over you." But, alas, the nice young man said, "your tire - es no good." Me? Wha? Surely you're joking.

I pulled back into my driveway, hopped out, and sure enough, I couldn't even believe I'd gone an inch without noticing - flat was an understatement! So I stomped a little, then tried not to cry a little, then I did what any American woman would do. I called my husband. And begged. He wasn't terribly happy about coming home.

My argument was this: "you do it for perfect strangers all the time, but not for your own wife? Boo Hoo Hoo." His response," Yes, but they're usually on a major road or in the way or in danger. You're in the driveway. I'll be home in ten minutes. Grr."

As I waited, I told the childen to get the chairs out and make themselves comfortable, because there's no point in changing the tire if you're not going to have an audience. And I got to work. I got out the jack, and began to jack up the car. I had a little help from some smaller people. I lowered the spare. By the time Sarge made it to the house, I was standing on the tool to loosen the lug nuts, because, my word they were tight! I was on number three when he arrived, and by that time, I had something to prove - I was not going to let him take the glory for all that work I'd done loosening them!

And I completed the task. Took the flat tire off, placed the spare on and replaced the lug nuts. In the right order. All he did was add some man-muscle to the nuts to make sure the tire didn't fly off. Lowered the jack and was on my merry, very late way.

Next on my list? Learn to change the oil. Because my dream job? It's totally a mechanic - even though no one believes me when I tell them that. But I took the first step, right?


ca sister said...

You are a rock star!

You'd be a great mechanic, except for the stomping and trying not to cry part. It's bad for business!

Green Tractor said...

Wasn't tire changing part of your driver training?

green.barn said...

Way to go! You were lucky - the first day my father took me out driving, the car developed a flat tire. With great glee, probably because he was still shaking from his nerve-wracking ride, he told me that as the driver, it was my job to change the tire. I was a very skinny 16 year old, and in order to get the tire back on, I had to sit cross-legged in the tarry parking lot of Naito Store with the tire vertical in my lap to get it on the axle. It was heavy, and Dad had no pity, just amusement!