Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My sister told me that I should have a specific plan for the first day that all the children were at school.

My plan so far: Sob like a baby, fret over the dog (because there's noone else to fret over), snivel on the couch while watching soap operas, then pick up the children from school and wonder why on earth I missed them.

Sound good?

I'm only half kidding - I haven't shed a tear - I hid behind my camera at the Kinder-mom breakfast, citing my job as PTA Historian as my excuse, but I am worried about my dog - what dog only eats half her breakfast? She must miss the children, too. If she dies while they're at school they'll never forgive me.

And I'm spending part of the day resisting the incredible urge to run back to the school with the binder that my oldest child forgot. With everything in it. But he's in fourth grade now, and these are the rules, right? You don't bring him his stuff? Right? Right?

Oh, and I filled out paperwork until my fingers bled. And now I'm going to fold laundry, put it away and then sew. I'm currently avoiding the treadmill, which was technically on my plan for the day, but I may have used up that slot fretting over the dog. While eating bon bons. But whatever.

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