Monday, August 25, 2008


The little one only had school for an hour this morning, so in honor of his last day alone with me, here are a few of his words in the last few days.

"I hate itches I can't reach."

"Do all robbers have gold teeth?"

"I used my golfing stick to turn on the lights!" You mean golf club? "It's my golfing stick!"

"Can we go home now?" That was after about ten minutes of Kindergarten.

"Do squirrels have a penis?" "Really?" "That's weird!" Giggle.

"Do I have to wear my puffy thing to football?" He was referring to his large piece of batting that he wears over his cast to protect the other players. We call him the Michelin Man. He's not terribly fond of that, but he'll do just about anything to play football.

But the best came from his teachers - she was explaining the required footwear for PE, and was telling us that they couldn't wear gators to school - there was giggling, "you mean CROCS?"

Sorry, that's all I've got today. I've got two in school and one more to go. We're headed to the doctor today to re-x-ray his arm. Fingers crossed for a new non-smelly short cast!

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