Saturday, August 9, 2008

I made it.

Phwew. I made it through our first morning of practice. Oh, the boys? They did fine, too.

I did not immediately come home and start spraying and teasing my hair. I did not cheer or yell from the sidelines. I think I managed myself just fine, and even participated in a conversation about what gift we should make for the cheerleaders. I'm even bringing my pinking shears on Monday.

However, I may have negated all that with my sideline bets on when my child would fall. And my subsequent cheering when he did fall, because I totally could make some extra cash over on the sidelines.

On a side note, the littlest one has been wearing his practice pants ever since he came home. I may have to hide his jersey so that I can wash it. And the oldest one is a little surprised at how much work it all is.

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