Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How Delilah got me a speeding ticket.

I've had four tickets in my adult life, (not including all those parking tickets I received in the two months that I had a car in Boston, ahem), but the confession is that two of those tickets came while my husband was in the police academy.

There is a perception among my friends that I will never get a ticket. I'm here to prove that wrong. In fact, I got one in a neighboring town from an officer that had just gone through a training class with my husband. And let's just say my last name is a memorable one. And the two during the police academy? How do you bring that up gracefully?

But there was one that I must blame on the cheesy radio DJ Delilah. It was totally her fault. My children were little, so little that there were only two of them, and I was off working one evening. The ride home was about thirty minutes, and I was REALLY enjoying my peace and quiet, not really in a hurry, because I wanted to make sure the children were asleep so I could continue enjoying my peace and quiet.

So there I was, driving down the road that wasn't one that I usually traveled, listening to one of those gripping stories that her listeners tell that ALWAYS make you cry (well, at least, when you're me). Next thing I know, there are lights behind me. Her story was so engaging that I wasn't paying attention to the sudden drop in speed limit.

I totally should have sued. I mean, if her story hadn't been so good, I would have slowed down, right? And, to add insult to injury? I didn't hear the end of the story. Whatever it was.

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