Saturday, August 16, 2008

Highlighting the need for better American schools

It's tax-free weekend here in Texas, meaning that if you want to buy specific back-to-school items, but, obviously, not including paper, pencils, crayons and backpacks - because, duh, why would anyone buy those things this time of year? -- you don't have to pay tax.

So I got the extraordinary pleasure of watching the news about it yesterday, and the reporter had a whiteboard in the shoe section of Target, explaining that the experts say that if you spend $100, the average person will save approximately $8. On a whiteboard. She wrote the two numbers, $100 and $8.

Um? The tax rate? Approximately 8%. She picked a hundred dollars? And felt the need to put this on a white board? And quote the experts? What experts - my calculator? my nine-year-old? Or wait, my five year old?

Honestly. I'm a little ashamed. And a little embarassed. And a lot scared.

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ca sister said...

What? Better schools? Come on... You can get math education on the evening news, apparently.

Hey, there's an idea! Math problem for the night... Solved on tomorrow night's broadcast.

OK, so that's only fun for math geeks like me (and maybe you and your kids!).