Sunday, August 17, 2008

Complaining about the wrong thing

The middle child has been complaining and complaining that the little one is getting so much attention because of his arm. Honestly? He's getting a little more than he usually does, but not as much as I would think a kid with a broken arm would ordinarily ask for.

I've spent a lot more time sitting on the couch than I normally do, but sitting with both of them. She's getting more attention by default that she normally would because they're not off playing and ignoring me.

Until this morning. I figured out what she really meant when she wasn't getting enough attention. She wasn't getting enough attention from her brother. When she asked him to play with her, he'd actually turn her down, which he NEVER does. EVER. He wasn't running off to play "Johnny and Petunia" with her or even play Barbie with her.

He was in a fair amount of pain yesterday, so he spent a good portion of it sitting still, which he never does. But today, he's felt better, and they've run off to play together for a good bit of the day, and lo and behold, she's not complaining about the lack of attention, even though she's gotten less today than she did yesterday.

The older two even went so far yesterday as to say they wish they'd broken their arms so they could get attention. I'm pretty sure the littlest one would be perfectly happy to have had it happen to them instead of him.

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