Tuesday, August 5, 2008


It's been pretty quiet around here of late, in case no one has noticed.

Here's the thing. Each time I've been pregnant, I've known that there was a change coming, but wasn't quite sure how things were going to change. I just knew they would. I had plenty of time to deal with it, plenty of time to get ready for it. And each time, most of the time, I was excited about the change.

In the last week or so, I've begun to come to the conclusion that I'm about to have a pretty big change coming up, but it's kind of blindsided me. I know, I've had five and a half years to think about it, to know it's coming. I've known, but it's not occurred to me until recently that things are really going to change around here.

My baby is going to kindergarten. I will drop off all of my children at 7:45 in one place and I will pick them all up at 3pm. I have known this for quite some time now. Some may have even heard me gloat about it. In theory, it's really quite lovely.

I've had five and a half years to plan for this, prepare myself for it. But here I am, three weeks away, and suddenly, I'm not ready. There's a breakfast on the first day of kindergarten for the moms. They call it a "Boo-Hoo-Ya-Hoo" breakfast. I've been laughing with my friend for a year, bragging about how I'll be the one skipping in and shouting for joy. And she would laugh at me and say, "you're such a liar - you know you'll be off in a corner asking for a second package of kleenex."

Three more weeks of summer, three more weeks. I've been so busy soaking it up that I've not had a chance to reflect on it. That, and I'm a little sad about the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

I remember lots of parents cheering on the first day of school. I never did. You are in good company and it is good for your kids to know that you'll miss them too. Course honey at home without kids at 9 am is splendid too-

ca sister said...

Savor the moment, happy-sad though it may be. You'll always remember the day. Bring your camera and take pictures. Breathe. Yeah, I had to remind myself to do that one.

We'll be cheering. It's easier when it's your NEPHEW leaving the preschooler days!