Monday, July 7, 2008

Vacation is Work.

Finally home from vacation, there are little bits of wadded up napkins strewn throughout the minivan-and-a-half load of stuff that oozed out of my van as we unpacked. Each of the napkins has something brilliant written on it. One day, most of these things might make it to the internet. Or maybe not, if they were also used to clean up the three thousand "uh-oh's" from the backseat.

But, alas, we came home to a rather embarassing problem. I had to take my computer to the Nerd Herd and tell them, "The 'on' button doesn't work" Seriously, the on button? Who breaks that? I was so grateful that it didn't work for the Nerd Herd guy either, because I was more afraid of it working for him and having him give me the look of idiocy than I was him telling me that there's nothing that can be done, that yes, you should have backed up the last three years of photographs.

So, until the word is back on my precious, the library will have to do. Me and the homeless people making millions on the library's internet.

But there are stories of the world's smallest washing machine, poison ivy, the oldest and the farting horse and memories made. Coming soon.

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Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Heh. My dad took his MacBook to the Apple Store once because his "on" button wouldn't work. Darn thing just would not turn on.

That's what happens when you leave it unplugged and the battery is 100% totally empty.

Lesson learned.
Glad you're back! (although now I'll have another blog that I get seriously behind in reading)