Friday, July 25, 2008

Just so my sisters will quit asking when I'll blog again.

Since we returned from vacation, I've not been able to get my act together. Clearly, there is no routine and I can't get myself moving. How is that abnormal, you ask?

For example, groceries. Obviously, when you go on vacation, your refrigerator and pantry are emptied for the most part and either taken with you or given away or trashed. But, when we returned, I felt like I was going to the grocery store every other day and still couldn't get all that I needed. Part of it was that when we returned, the children did not, so the groceries were different - more sun dried tomato pesto and less chocolate milk. And now that they're back, there was a need for more goldfish and less gouda. Back to the store I went. Again. And again.

For example, blogging. Clearly, my subjects were gone, and were giving me nothing to write about. Heck, they barely even talk to me when they're at their Granny's. And then it's only because she pities us and bribes them with popsicles.

And work. My goodness, that's one thing I've gotten a lot finished, but the problem lies in the fact that it's all in my front hallway and piling up fast. I have to check for the dog and make sure she's not buried underneath. It's a rather large pile of some rather fabulous curtains. That all need to be delivered in one day. Ish.

And honestly, there are only four weeks left of summer for the children. And while the minutes sometimes go slowly, the moments are precious. And I'm enjoying most of them. But then, come another week from now, my life as I know it ends, and I become the ever perky, ever cheering FOOTBALL MOM. Erm. Yeah.

We've started our "conditioning," which for us, involves playing outside in the mornings, going to the pool in the afternoon and playing outside again in the evenings. It's a hundred degrees out there. The boys aren't the only ones conditioning to the heat - apparently I need it, too, you know, for all that cheering. And watching of endless practices.

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