Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How camping was saved.

My husband very nearly decided that we'd never camp again. Until his boss called him on vacation. Weird, I know.

You see, we camped the first two nights of this trip. My husband is not a camper - until just a few years ago, the only time he'd ever camped was as a nine-year-old cub scout. And he hated it. But a few years ago, he discovered, with a little help from his wife, that there are simply parts of this country that cannot be enjoyed from a hotel room or the interstate, and that there are some pretty awesome places to see. We've camped through storms and cold and wind and hot and snakes outside our tent.

But this year, it was only two days of camping, then a week at a cabin in the mountains. Very romantic, unless you are bringing three little people with you, then it becomes quite the opposite. The first night, we're registering, and the gal at the park says, "I hope you brought your Deep Woods Off!" all nonchalantly. I assured her that we had. After rejecting several campsites for being too slopey or being too close to RV's or covered in poison ivy, we found a great campsite, set up camp, sprayed on the Deep Woods Off. From three years ago. And we went on a hike.

Lather, rinse, repeat the second night, though this time we picked a lovely spot near and RV, the playground, in the path to the restroom, and right across the way from the family of 38 who didn't get along very well. And we played cards into the night while the children fell asleep and marveled at how the bugs didn't seem to be swarming that night.

Until the morning. Sarge said to me, "Gosh, I think the bugs must have been under the table eating me alive - I'm covered in bites, and I itch like crazy!" The boys had their fair share of bites covering their legs. Apparently my daughter and I are bitter - I always knew that would be to my advantage. We drove on all day, Sarge kept itching, but worse than the boys. We explained it away as my old bug spray.

To his credit, he didn't complain all that much, though Benadryl was purchased for him and the boys. Except that he was pretty sure that he never wanted to sleep in the great outdoors again. Ever. But then, he listened to his messages.

Sarge's boss "Hate to bother you on vacation, but wanted to let you know that me and the other guy that chased that guy into the woods the other day have poison ivy. We wanted to check to see if you had it too."

So, it wasn't my camping after all. And he hopes the guy that they were chasing was hiding in a whole grove of it.


Anonymous said...

Nice going on the story, Mom.So thats the brand name of the spray.

Anonymous said...

hi mom & dad,

i hope you have a great time at home.

i love you,


#2 said...

sweet babies. Mommy misses you. Now get off the internet and go play in the sand!