Friday, June 13, 2008

unconditional love

The oldest swam up to me at the pool today. He asked, matter of factly, as if he were asking whether I liked red or blue better, "Mom, if you could choose between not having your left leg or not having me, which would you choose?"

"Are you kidding?" I asked, floored at the question. "I would give up both legs before I would not have you! I can't believe that you even thought you had to ask!"

"Oh. Good. If you did, I'd give you my legs. But you'd be kind of short. Well, not as short as I'd be without them."

And his new favorite word is superfluous. It happened over dinner. We were discussing my name and how it is usually spelled with a superfluous letter, though mine is not. And, true to form, he couldn't say it until I'd written it down for him and he saw it.

My gosh, I love summer.

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