Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So big.

I'm not sure whether to cry or rejoice, but my oldest child is becoming more and more independent. I always knew that my goal for raising my children was for them to become independent adults, but it's the moments when you notice that they are achieving these things that make your heart leap.

Tonight, he asked for a glass of milk. "Mom, I can get it myself." But unlike a two year old who claims to do everything "myself", he actually could. And then I complimented him on his growing independence - he can fix his own breakfast and the other day he made himself a sandwich. Which, he reminded me, involved a successful use of the toaster.

He said he would work on mastering the microwave next. Shoot, that's already more kitchen appliances than most grown men. If I can teach him to boil water, he'll be the most popular kid in college. "Dude [I'm sure that will be an old-fashioned term by then. We'll replace it in ten years with the cooler version] -- you can make ramen AND grilled cheese. Dude, wanna be my roommate?" And you know the girls will swoon. Ahem, I might be ahead of myself. Excuse me, back to the mastering of kitchen appliances.

He's been mostly taking care of his own hygiene now for the better part of a year. Until he starts to smell bad, then we'll revisit that one. And now eating. If only I could get him to do homework without a gentle nudge. Or two. We'll worry about that in the fall, I suppose, for now, I will just revel in his ability to satisfy his own hunger (and when he's feeling generous, possibly the hunger of his siblings) while I lie leisurely in bed resting my pretty little head. Sounds lovely, doesn't it?

A girl can dream.


HRH said...

Sounds absolutely fabulouse to me.

I actually stopped dating a guy because of this problem:

I went to his house and his parents were out of town for 2 days. The first clue was in the fridge. It was a sticky note on a casserole that said "this is dinner, put it in the oven" then ON THE OVEN there was another sticky note with more complete information. I started looking around and there were more notes for more meals and I thought maybe this might be too high maintenance a man for me (Thank God I had good sense)!

Mississippi Lady said...

I love for the grandchildren to come and visit! We have so much fun playing. Now I can look forward not only to tidy housekeepers (which sometimes we play) HA! but to having my breakfast and lunch prepared sometimes. Start packing, I'm so ready for these little people to rearrange our life for a while.

My next big dream is to have a chauffeur! Don't wait to late to give a few driving lessons!

#2 said...

hrh - either incompetent OR a very overbearing mother - either way, you were smart to get out, and get out fast!

And, Granny, we'd pack tomorrow if we could - they're even more fun this year than last! But we're looking forward to the breather! Oh, and driving lessons - I can feel the gray hairs growing just thinking about it...