Monday, June 2, 2008

self esteem

I have always worried about my daughter's self esteem. Always.

I've never been given any huge sign to worry, I've just always known that girls typically have self esteem issues and that she may be more prone to them because she is simply incapable at laughing at herself, which really helps when dealing with that type of issue.

I've been careful to not complain about my body, or complain excessively about my physical faults or talk a lot about dieting. When she came to me before bath with her stomach sucked in and every rib showing, asking, "Mommy, what would you think if I looked like this?" I found my breath and then told her that she didn't look healthy and strong to me. We always tell her she's beautiful and point out the things that we like about her (inside and out!).

I've been proud of myself for being so careful with her self esteem, knowing that when she's six that if it's healthy, then it will be further to fall when she's older and naturally more self conscious. Until the other day.

She says to me, "There are windows at school in the hallway that have mirrors, and every time I walk back from PE or lunch, I look at myself in those mirrors." And I started to panic as she paused, waiting for what was to come next. Nervous. Very nervous. She continued.

"And I think I look beautiful. Super beautiful."

So now I'm thinking that I need to concentrate on vanity and the dangers thereof.

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Anonymous said...

My gracious, I was holding my breath! Just waiting for the next line to prick my heart.

That precious little girl is so beautiful soul and spirit. I seem to remember her father having issues with high self esteem.(just like his daughter). I think you know what I mean! He's a wonderful father, husband, and son.

She is going to be her own person and be able to encourage many others along the way. Way to go girl!! Granny