Thursday, June 12, 2008

Old Man.

We took a highly unusual trip to the mall today. We went to the movies and Sarge wanted to look at some sunglasses at the hip, cool store. Because his, *gasp* got a scratch on the lens and are now completely unacceptable. But back to the cool, hip store.

We walked in and were courteously greeting by a teenaged boy with his hat on a little cockeyed, indicating, I think, his level of cool. Sarge was trying on some sunglasses, admiring himself in the mirror and asking all the right questions. The teenager was very helpful, answering all the questions that Sarge threw at him. And then, it happened.

Sarge tried on a pair that were nice. And the boy said, "Yeah, my dad has those."

I almost hugged the boy, but was too busy laughing at my husband.

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