Saturday, June 7, 2008

Baby snail

I showed my littlest child a sonogram picture of his new cousin this morning. It was a picture of the baby's head, clear as day - you know, the ones that even your husband can tell what they are?

I asked him what he thought he saw.


"A skirt?"

"SNAIL. It's definitely a snail."

We won't talk then about when I had sonogram pictures on my fridge of my littlest child, when about after three months, I realized that the last picture - the one I couldn't quite figure out? The one that had an arrow and the word, "boy" typed on it? Yeah, baby p*rn in my kitchen. Same kid who thinks his cousin is a snail.

So, yes, baby snail, we are so happy to see you. Even if you are a snail.

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