Monday, May 12, 2008

Warning Labels That Should Have Been


And, no, that was not necessary for my children. Unfortunately, it is for me.

I put my sunglasses on this morning, and they were horribly spotty. A casualty of yesterday's geiser in the backyard - a little unexpected fun for the children and panic for the parents when the sprinkler line was punctured by the garden tools.

In the car, I needed them. But I couldn't see through them. I used the only moisture I had to rub them clean. So I licked them.

They tasted bad. Very bad. A little like dirt. Honestly? A lot like dirt.

My sunglasses are clean-ish, and they left a very bad aftertaste. I don't recommend it.


Anonymous said...

I did that once with my regular glasses -- they had tiny little sorta clear spots I couldn't get off. I thought I was being smart by licking my finger and rubbing the glasses... til I needed more and absentmindedly put the same finger in my mouth. Yuk! Turns out it was hairspray!

#2 said...

Oh, hairspray. That would leave a lasting aftertaste and memory. Yuck, yuck, yuck!

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