Monday, May 26, 2008

A Teaser

This will be the first time in my children's young lives that they will be in school past Memorial Day. Well, at least the older two. The youngest one had preschool graduation last week and promptly asked after crossing the stage with his cap falling off his little head, "Do I get to go to Kindergarten now?"

But, to make things worse, they gave us a four day weekend. FOUR DAYS. Three of them involved Daddy being home! And painting the kitchen! It was a real vacation!

And so, tomorrow, I have to send them back to school. After swimming in the pool with friends, watching baseball (both on TV and live! in my backyard!), grilling and staying in our pajamas past noon, it just seems wrong to send them back to school.

Granted, both weeks are short weeks of school, and I'm pretty sure no learning will occur, but honestly, I even asked Sarge to call me about 7:15 to make sure that I hadn't turned off the alarm. I'm a little nervous that I'll think it was a big mistake, fall back asleep, only to awaken when our friends who we walk to school with ring our doorbell. That would be bad.

All this time, I thought that I was dreading summer, but after the four day teaser, I'm totally ready for my family to be back together day in and day out.

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DC Nicole said...

so sweet and true!

I love 'just hanging out'. My four year old was in his PJs til about noon on memorial day :)

and it's finally nice weather in this part of the country