Thursday, May 8, 2008

mother of the year --RIGHT HERE! OVER HERE!

I'll take my award tonight, thankyouverymuch.

We had a friend over today, Sarge was working a million hours in a row. Those aren't the real excuses - really it's because Sarge bought me, er, the kids, MarioKart, and I was terribly busy.

I forgot to feed the children dinner. And next thing you know, it's time to get to Brownies. Ahem. Yes. The award now, please. Oh, you say I haven't earned it? Let me continue.

I dropped the girl at Brownies and politely bowed out, because something about Brownies and all those little girls in one place make my boys act some kind of KAH-razy. We went to Subway, got food, ate, dropped the girl's food in the fridge and walked the dog over to the school to pick up said girl child. We got terribly distracted by the playground.

It's 8:15, time to go get a bath. Oh, you. You say you haven't eaten yet? Oh, look friends! Let's go chat! Oh, gosh, it's 8:30, the boys have gone inside. You? You should eat! Oh, but you had cookies at your meeting? Lovely! Go inside, eat a sandwich. Friends! Chat! Talk about barf! (Isn't that what all moms talk about? I mean after we pass the diapering and talking about poop stage? I thought so.)

Food! Oh, how did the TV get on? Yes, you may watch the end of this show. No, you may not watch another. Yes, I know a new Jon and Kate plus 8 has been recorded - we'll watch tomorrow, it's practically morning! Get upstairs.

Ew, your hair is crusty. Hair washed. Get back in the tub, you have soap on you still.

One hour late, everyone is in bed. I think everyone ate. I think everyone had their vitamins. Maybe.

Thanks, I'll take my award now. Oh, wait, I forgot to feed the dog.

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